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Coffee Shop AU. #baristalife by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.6k Victor, proud owner of Muse café and roastery, goes searching for a local bakery to buy sweets for his store. When he does, he finds Yutopia, a quaint little place tucked away in a small part of town. The good news is, he quickly becomes business partners with the lead patissier, Yuuri.

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Klance Coffee Shop AU, a voltron: legendary defender fanfic | FanFiction It was quiet that day in the local coffee shop. Lance was bored, he had wiped down every counter and machine in the place, plus his co worker had left early to go home and look after his younger sister.

Klance Oneshots (fluff,smut, and angst) - Soulmate AU

Read Soulmate AU from the story Klance Oneshots (fluff,smut, and angst) by WeDontWantAnySpam (Sleep Deprived) with 6,500 reads. klanceislife, fluff, klance.

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satans-fists asked: Coffee shop au or fake marriage thing??. Ahahaha ok ok Im gonna go with coffee shop au because it is so classic but also versatile. Alright so Im feeling this as a klance AND shallura thing, because brothers who suffer together, stick together.

klance coffee shop au fanfiction

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Apr 18, 2020· Klance month au, they will be short and probably bad but idk hopefully not (since idk what order I'll do them in I'll just add the days:au's each day that I put them out pls don't yell at me) Day 1: Coffee Shop AU Day 2: First Kiss Day 3: Hogwarts AU

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Additional Tags: lifeguard AU, Lifeguard Lance, PINING KEITH, oblivious boys, klance, swimming lessons Summary: The idea of drowning never appealed to Keith. That is, until he met a cute lifeguard who he wouldnt exactly oppose performing mouth-to-mouth on him. your favorite ghosts and planets (16664 words) by xShieru Chapters: 1/1

Coffee Shop Sweethearts // klance AU - Chapter 1

Coffee Shop Sweethearts // klance AU AceStars182. Summary: Lance, Keith, and the gang have been getting coffee at the same local café for a while now, but one day it was only the two rivals who showed up. Things are weird for the both of them but soon find themselves falling for

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Klance - soulmate au (part 2) Authors notes: Update Keith just sat there completely silent and played around with his coffee cup. Great. 5 minutes in and Lance was already less interesting to the guy than a cup of stupid coffee. klance donna writes voltron klance fanfiction klance soulmate au part 2 klance au klance soulmate au

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Feb 11, 2019· I actually have a very long list of klance fanfics for people to check out. Here are my recommendations (ratings, content, and setting varies): ['read' means I've completely finished it, and a means that it's been dubbed one of my favorites or I

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Its a flower shop AND a coffee shop AU so you cant go wrong. It includes flower language which is one of my favorite things so thats a plus. Keith works at the flower shop and Lance buys flowers to try to impress girls but turns out that the only person being wooed by flowers is him.

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Aug 23, 2016· Klance highschool AU!! Keith; a loner. He never really considered himself that important or anything that significant to anyone he knew except his father/ brother-like friend, Shiro. As Shiro soon discovers that Keith needs to make his own decisions and sends him off to high school at 17, Keith also realises that

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Jun 12, 2018· Browse through and read klance fluff fanfiction stories and books . Sign up Log in. Lance is a fabulous barista working at the local coffee shop and Keith is the local college emo in debt, like every college student. Just a short Klance coffee shop AU one shot. Add to library 257 Discussion 71 Browse more Action Romance.

klance coffee shop au fanfiction

klance au fanfictionklance dance au fanfictionklance fanfiction high school auklance fanfictionklance cat auklance prince auklance fanfiction lemonklance animal au12345klance coffee shop au fanfiction

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The Coffee Shop AU is an alternate universe fanfiction trope that became popular in LiveJournal fandoms, then migrated with fans to other platforms.. The trope was originally known as Barista AU and is closely-related to the Bakery AU.. In most cases, one half of the main pairing is the barista and the other is or becomes their favorite customer; in some stories the whole cast works at a

Klance Oneshots (fluff,smut, and angst) - Coffee Shop AU

Read Coffee Shop AU from the story Klance Oneshots (fluff,smut, and angst) by WeDontWantAnySpam (Sleep Deprived) with 6,421 reads. klanceislife, fluff, klance

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One shot stories for Klance AU Month 2019 hosted my Monthly Klance on Tumblr. A Future Klance-Family fic (as featured in my Klancemas series) Keith and Lance's eldest is looking at options for college and the whole family heads to the surface to check one out. They split up for the day and meet up at a coffee shop to talk.

Klance Au Month 2019 - Chapter 1 - Magicath808 - Voltron

Klance AU Month February 1st, 2019 Day One: Coffee Shop AU *New Year's Resolutions* If Lance was good at one thing, it was annoying people. Especially cute people. Especially cute guys that worked at five in the morning at empty coffee shops. It had all started New Years Day when Lance begrudgingly got up to go to the gym.

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naturallynuttyknoll is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Voltron: Legendary Defender. PROBABLY ON PERMANENT HOLD (Klance Coffee Shop AU x Magic AU x Soulmate AU) Lance has always been interested in magic, ever since he first discovered it. He had always looked forward to meeting his soulmate until he did.

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Klance Oneshots (fluff,smut, and angst) - Coffee Shop AU Page 2 Read Coffee Shop AU from the story Klance Oneshots (fluff,smut, and angst) by WeDontWantAnySpam (Sleep Deprived) with 6,358 reads. klanceislife, klance

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Welcome to my personal fanfic library! If you can't find the fic you seek in our tags, Zinnia & I are more than happy to locate any fics you desire! and entirely routine until he changes things up and tries out a new coffee shop, where one struggling NYADA student named Kurt Hummel happens to work. ~~~~~ D/s AU - Kurt Hummel had always

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AUs that are in every fandom: Coffee shop University Rebirth/Starcrossed Mermaid Hogwarts/Harry Potter Soulmates(this is just a tumblr wide idea, a communal AU) The weird one: Flower shop/tattoo

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klance klance fic klance fanfiction klance fanfic klance fic rec keith kogane keith (voltron) lance mcclain lance voltron summer camp au now finished! ha ha i forgot to add the tags on this one klance

Coffee and Comics, a voltron: legendary defender fanfic

Pairings: Klance! With some Shiro/Allura on the side. But let's be honest, all of my characters flirt nonstop with each other. Haha. I can't help it. Enjoy guys! Chapter 1. The bell on the shop door chimed, signaling the arrival of a new customer at Cosmic Comics as a crisp autumn breeze floated in with them.

A cup of Klance - noodleshalfoff - Voltron: Legendary

your average klance coffee shop au; i had to ask my friends who romelle was omg; thank you cake for this idea; pfft like youll ever see this; No Smut; Gay Shiro; adam lives bitch; Summary. Keith works at a Coffee shop his bestfriend owns and a cute boy keeps coming by at random times of the day. Boom: klance coffee shop aui. Series. Part 1 of A

Klance - Soul Rings {Soulmate AU} - Coffee Shop Match

Klance - Soul Rings {Soulmate AU} Fanfiction. Keith hadn't really cared much about his soulmate, in fact, he despised his mood ring he had had since birth. In this reality, you were born with a ring, and it glowed whatever emotion your soulmate was feeling, but Keith just couldn't bring hims

Reviews: 7Content Rating: everyone

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