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The espresso machines group head works in tandem with the boiler and heat exchanger to moderate and control the temperature of the water that eventually comes into contact with your delicious coffee grinds to produce the espresso you are after.

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Greatly simplified, this is what happens inside a typical pod machine:

You load water into the tank at the back.A pump at the bottom sucks the water in and pumps it through the machine.The water heats up to the perfect temperature as it flows up past the heating element.The water is pumped through a narrow needle to increase its pressure.

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Single-serve pod coffee makers | How coffee capsules work

Apr 26, 2019· Coffee-shop machine: The espresso machines you see in coffee shops usually make the best coffee. They work by heating water quickly to the perfect temperature, before forcing it at high pressure through a metal vessel containing ground coffee. But professional machines are expensive and it takes great skill to use one properly.

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How Coffee Makers Work | HowStuffWorks

In this article, we'll look inside a typical drip coffee maker so you can understand exactly what's happening when you make coffee. We'll also look at the possible problems that might cause your coffee maker to stop working. By the end of this article, you may look at your old friend in a completely new way.

How does a coffee machine work? - Quora

Jan 20, 2019· Answered Oct 15, 2018. Coffee machines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and perform many different tasks. When you make a cup of coffee, the first thing you do is fill the holding chamber with cold water. When you turn the coffee maker on, water is

How Do Espresso Machines Work? - Perfect Daily Grind

Nov 09, 2018· In most modern espresso machines, an electric pump is used to create pressure. An espresso needs about 9 bars (9 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level) or 130 PSI of pressure. For comparison, most car tires are recommended to be between 30 and 35 PSI. There are two common types of espresso machine pumps.

Inside a Coffee Maker | HowStuffWorks

Water arrives here from the white hot-water tube and is sprayed over the coffee grounds. In some coffee makers, the water comes out of the hose onto a perforated plastic disc called the drip area and simply falls through the holes into the coffee grounds. Looking at this picture, you get your first impression that this isn't a high-tech device.

How do moka pots work? How It Works

by How It Works Team · 17/06/2016 The moka pot, also known as a stovetop espresso maker, uses basic physics to achieve a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. It consists of three chambers; one for water, one for the coffee grounds and one for the finished blend. When the moka pot is placed on the stove, the water heats up and generates steam.

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How Does a Keurig Work - Step-By-Step - Enjoy Coffees

Dec 07, 2018· How Does a Keurig Work ? If you are looking for a coffee making machine which can produce delicious, fresh tasting coffee one cup a time, Keurig Coffee Maker deserves to be the best choice. With reasonable size, luxurious design, and efficient coffee making method, Keurig Brewer has been making perfect coffee cups. Keurig allows coffee lovers to moderate everything from the amount of coffee

How Do Commercial Coffee Machines Work? | Expert Market US

Jan 30, 2014· Essentially all coffee machines work in the same way. Water goes in, coffee goes in, water is boiled, water filters through coffee grinds picking up coffee oil on the way and lovely black frothy liquid flows into the waiting cup. There are, however, many variables in the coffee making process.

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Way of work of the famous Bunn coffee maker -

And after that just close the lid of the coffee maker. The Bunn makes all the work, thanks to its reservoir, which simply triggers all the brewing process. In fact, the machine uses the lower tank and water in it in order to heat again the coffee and the cold water.

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