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Hario is responsible for some of the best known coffee grinders in the industry. Great for home, travel or office use - these manual hand grinders use ceramic burrs, and a consistent grind.

Coffee - Grind Hario UK

Hario represents exceptional quality for brewing specialty coffee and tea at home or in cafés. Wether you're just getting started with brewing filter coffee at home, are looking to upgrade your kit or simply

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Grinding | HARIO : Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill : Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill - "Skerton": Manual

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill - "Skerton" All our manual coffee grinders use burrs made of ceramic. The ceramic burrs do not transfer heat and shave the coffee bean versus cracking the bean like blade grinders. This process provides a more consistent grind

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Hario Philippines

Hario items for sale in the Philippines! We sell Hario Syphon TCA-5 Coffee Maker, Hario Spare Parts, V60 Pour Over Drippers, Hario Buono Kettles, Hario Coffee Grinders, Hario Coffee Scale, Hario Largo Tea Drippers. Made in Japan!

COFFEE/GRINDER/Ceramic Coffee Mill - HARIO Co., Ltd.

[COFFEE/GRINDER/Ceramic Coffee Mill] HARIO is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware company which was founded in 1921.

Hario | Hario Coffee - Alternative Brewing

Hario coffee products from Japans iconic coffee brand. Established in 1921, Hario was originally known for its superior glassware, but has since expanded to corner its share of the growing pour over coffee market. By creating the iconic Hario V60 among other famed coffee accessories, Hario has cemented its place as a household name

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