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Boiler has overfilled. If the machine does not detect the level of water in the boiler it will overfill and overflow. Common problem is scale or dirt build-up on the level probe. The above are just a few general pointers to common problems with espresso coffee machines.

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Move on to My steam boiler is not heating In very rare cases, an older machine with bad water and terrible maintenance will build scale up on the probe in the boiler, scale is a poor conductor and can cause issues with the autofill circuit functioning properly.

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If the heating light does NOT go on and off within 10 minutes, then the machines boiler and heating element were operated without water causing damage. The heating element inside the boiler (not water reservoir) must always be submerged in water inside the internal boiler. If not, it melts down and causes a short to rip the GFI.

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The Portafilter and Filter When the espresso is brewed, the temperature of the liquid coming out of the machine, before it hits the coffee, is around 200°F (generally between 195°F and 205°F). While some heat loss is expected and even desired to get the espresso to a comfortable drinking temperature, too much can alter the flavor of the coffee.

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Economical home espresso machines do not have boilers - they'd be heavy and too expensive. Home Machines use heat exchangers for espresso, AND for steam. This is why home espresso machines simply will not produce the same richness of froth as commercial machines.

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Espresso machines use thermostats, pressurestats, and PIDs in order to monitor boiler temperature. When it drops below a certain threshold, power is sent to a heating element to bring it back up. Insulated boilers radiate less heat, meaning that less energy needs to be expended to keep them hot.

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How to Repair Your Espresso Machine When it Doesn't Heat

If the heating element in your espresso machine does not heat and your thermostat is working, then check the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse works to prevent overheating by blocking power from getting to the heating element and works with thermostat. If it fails to work, then it

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My restored Cimbali was functioning for about 2 years. I recently switched out my plumbed in hose and all of a sudden my water will not heat. Any ideas on why the boiler wouldnt start? I can hear the pump bring in water, it also gets warm. Yet the boiler is cold. In addition to this, when I

LUCCA A53: Steam Boiler Not Heating

LUCCA A53: Steam Boiler Not Heating Below you will find troubleshooting steps for when the steam boiler of the LUCCA A53 Mini espresso machine is not heating. Boiler is turned off: Turn on the steam boiler by tapping the B button on the control panel of the machine. You should see the boiler light begin to blink as the machine heats.

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